If you previously use iCloud Drive you'll be acquainted with what it will. Otherwise, then the simplest way to understand the attribute is because online storage for all the files and projects you are working on. Anything that you save into any folder of the iCloud Drive will sync across all your Apple ID apparatus (it's really like Dropbox in this). You'll also have the ability to access things saved to iCloud Drive in your Mac, iPhone, or iPad in this folder on your computer. Fully searchable, the service also enables you to share your files with other people.

The final range of iCloud items which you can access using Windows. When you enable this all your iCloud mail (typically sent to yourname@icloud.com) will be made available in the folder pane on Outlook. You will also find all of your additional calendaring data there, and bookmarks will be made available through your browser.

In case you have any issues with these features, please refer to Apple's extensive Support pages that should help you resolve them. (Don't forget, you won't receive email if you failed to create an iCloud email address when establishing your Apple ID).

There are some iCloud services that just don't operate on Windows: Find My iPhone, Back to My Own Mac, Backup, Notes and Reading List. These require deeper OS integration, though in the event of Find My iPhone you'll be able to monitor lost devices using iCloud in your browser.

But if you've got valuable data you would like to sync between your Macs, iOS devices and Windows PC, iCloud for Windows ought to help -- though that 5GB of storage Apple supplies remains miserly in the best.

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Apple releases iCloud for Windows update that works with newest version of Windows 10

Apple today has pushed an update to iCloud for Windows, bringing the program to version 7.8.1. The upgrade comes after users reported significant compatibility problems between iCloud for Windows and the hottest Windows 10 October 2018 upgrade, affecting things like Photos syncing and a lot of other capabilities.

As we reported last weekend, Microsoft and Apple were working together to resolve the compatibility problems. Basically, users trying to set up download icloud for windows on the latest Windows 10 build would see an error message, while those who already had the program installed undergone numerous issues with Pictures syncing and more.